Apocalypse Now : Which games to play on Lenovo T470 - HD 620 , i5 7300, 8Gb RAM, 1tb HDD


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It is the time to let all your vices lose, before the end of the world. So let me rekindle my love for gaming again.

What games (mostly FPS) do you guys think I can play on my Lenovo T470, 1080p ?
Config : Intel HD 620 , Intel i5 7300, 8Gb RAM, 1tb HDD, HDMI out ( to be connected to my Marantz SR 6013, HT setup)

Oh, and btw .. any Atmos games out there?
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Or , I also have a Desktop with some Intel Dual core (i3 5130 ?) ,8 Gb Ram , Samsung Evo 128 Gb SSD + WD 1 Tb HDD and can add an external Gfx card to it ..

Which gfx card is good for 720/1080p FPS games and 4K UHD movie playback ?
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Not FPS but will work: Slay the spire, Mark of the ninja, Darkest Dungeon, Stardew Valley, Oxenfree, Faster than light, Cuphead, Civilization-5 , Portal, inside, limbo.
These fps might work but not sure- Mass effect series except the latest one, Far cry 2 and 3, Just cause -2 , Insurgency.