Apple M3 chip

Get a m1 Mac mini with 16 gb ram or get the cheapest Mac with 16gb/516 gb. Any 27 inch 1440 monitor works well with mac mini. Apple has designed everything to lure people in with a reasonable price in various segments. And then confuse tf out of us into milking more paise. Any 16gb/516 m series setup will be enough for literally everyone.
I have M1 Mac mini 16gb ..was planning to sell it off but it does everything so smoothly for ( mostly video editing) . I don't even feel a need to upgrade.

I have done 4k videos with quite a few transitions and layers and when exporting them. All done in few mins.

It actually feels great working on them.
Apple to launch new iPads, M3 MacBook Air to fight weak sales

Apple to launch new iPads, M3 MacBook Air to fight weak sales

Still a quarter out at least. Slow news cycle.
Used studio? What’s the config and how much did you pay?
Yes, barely used off a famous youtuber. 1.23L Base m1 max. 32gb ram 512 storage,
Choice was 90k for M2 pro mac mini or This. I wanted the 32gb ram and extra encoders :D

how's the oled like when using it for an extended period of time? I really want to go for an oled tv as an monitor but am worried that the bigger size would place a lot of strain on my eyes
Perfect. I love it. Its like 6 montiors in 1. I got this thinking, Its like an ultrawide, and if and when I use top part its bonus. But I love using the whole screen now. Work moves sooo fast.
With Fancyzones its so much better than multimonitor setup.
It felt a bit weird for like 3-4days max. After that its perfect.

No one tells you the PIP and multi screen features. You can run an app like youtube on tv in PIP and also use as monitor.
Then you can do 2 27 inch side by side setup with black bars above and below.
In both the modes, you can natively connect a mac via airplay as another monitor. So incase you need more screen to full screen the app, you can have another PIP monitor. The combinations can get crazy. No one told all these things to me before buying. You could also use 2 hdmi inputs and have one mac and 1 pc window running in the 27in mode.

Black background turns screen parts off. So very little strain when using.
Also they go much lower in brightness, which I love. I take contrast and oled pixel brightness to 10-20 and love using it. Want to watch to content, just change the picture mode.
Also HDR is great. Cant wait for the HDMI 2.1adapter. Then I'll have 120fps too on the mac.
Also I dont think I have to tell anyone how good this is for gaming and movies :D
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