FS: Home Audio Video Apple TV (3 & 4), Sony X700 4K Bluray player, Philips Blu-ray player, Logitech 665 Universal Remote, PS4 accessories


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Hey guys, selling my year old Apple TV 4 (not 4K), pretty old Apple TV 3 (with optical audio in), and a Logitech 665 Harmony remote (1 yr old).
All items in Mumbai, can Wefast free of cost to you. :)

Apple TV 4
Bought in June 2019, from Maple Store, Mumbai
This the 1080p 4th generation Apple TV, not the 4K/Dolby Vision one
Invoice available
Purchased for INR 13,536, new is INR 14,100
Packaging not available
Will ship with remote, power cable
Selling price: 8,500 + shipping via Delhivery (if they accept), Mumbai local preferred

Apple TV 3 Sold on another forum
Bought a while back, no clue when, invoice unavailable
Works great as an Airplay device if you are an iPhone/iPad/Macbook user
Added benefit: Optical input which is great to use for Apple Music/Spotify/Airplay to an old integrated amp
Selling price: 2,500 + shipping via Delhivery (if they accept), Mumbai local preferred

Logitech 665 Harmony Universal Remote Sold on another forum
Bought in June 2019, from Amazon USA
Barely used, it was supposed to be for a secondary setup at home
New is around 60USD
Selling price: 2,800 + shipping via Delhivery (if they accept), Mumbai local preferred

Also selling these two blu-ray players from my home setup. I'll be mostly getting a Playstation 5 when it releases later this year, and that will become my primary UHD Bluray player. Both these two players have been used around 4-5 times at most - mostly for my Dolby Demo disc. :p

Sony UBP-X700 UHD Blu-ray player Blocked via another forum
Purchased from BestBuy USA in Sept 2019
Including a Sony original power adapter for 240v usage in India (purchased from Amazon)
Sells for 29,990 INR in India
All Blu-ray discs work on this just fine
Works great, the tiny scratches you see on top of the glossy black facia are from my Logitech Harmony Smarthub which sits on top of this player
Including: remote, player, power cable (240v), high speed HDMI cable (4K HDR compliant)
Selling for INR 12,500 Mumbai delivery only via WeFast
No shipping, unless you can arrange for it

Philips BDP-2190 Blu-ray player
Bought from Amazon India in August 2018
Primary use was a 3D Blu-ray player (3-4 times) connected to a projector
Purchased for 7,990 INR, new sells for around the same price
Including: remote, player
Selling for INR 4,500 Mumbai delivery only via WeFast
No shipping, unless you can arrange for it

XIM Apex Keyboard Mouse Controller Converter for Playstation 4
Purchased from Amazon in 2018
Never used, I had lofty ambitions of using my PS4 with a keyboard and mouse haha
New sells for 125$: product link
Selling for 3,500INR

Nidec Fan for PS4 Pro
Purchased in 2018 too
Quieter operation than the default fan, better performance
Upgraded my PS4 Pro fan with it, my console is no longer used for gaming
Selling for 1,000INR (new sells for 45USD)


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