FS: Others Arctic 120mm fans, AM4 CPU Cooler, Mouse & more..


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A bunch of mixed items for sale -

1. AM4 CPU Cooler​

Purchased from: Starcomp.in
Item condition: New, never used. It came with ryzen 4650G
Warranty - no warranty.
Invoice - No
Price - Rs. 1000 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)

2. Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse​

Purchased from: Amazon India 23/10/2020, as Logitech MK540 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.
Using keyboard only so selling mouse separately. This item has unifying receiver so can be used alone.
Item condition: New
warranty - no , warranty requires both items together. so only if you don't care for warranty like me.
Invoice - available
Price - Rs.1400 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)
Note: This is a full size ambidextrous mouse and It's not sold in India (I Guess). Sold only as a combo here, though it sells for 20-30$ in other countries.

3. Arctic P12 PWM PST x2 , Artic F12 PWM x 3 [SOLD]​

Purchased from: Arctic F12 are RMAed units, Arctic P12 from Sunnyboi (member here only at TE)
Item condition: New (Both P12 PWM and F12)
Warranty - No , Yes for P12
Invoice - No for F12, can be discussed with sunnyboi for P12
Price - Rs. 3200 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)
Note: Interested in selling all 5 together, F12 fans are PWM only not PWM PST.

4. Audio technica DSR7 original earpads​

Purchased from: Amazon US
Item condition: Like new, Never used.
Warranty - No
Invoice - No
Price - Rs. 900 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)
Note: These are original earpads that came with the headphones. Compatible with AT M50x and similar headphones we can guess.

5. Topping RCA Cable TCR-1 75cm​

Purchased from: Headphone zone India
Item condition: Like new, used only for a couple of months, lying since then.
Warranty - Till 8/9/2021
Invoice - Yes
Price - Rs. 2500 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India).
Note: Retail box damaged, not available.

6. Cable Creation 3.5mm female to 3.5mm male Headphone extension cable 10feet [SOLD]​

Purchased from: Amazon India
Item condition: Open Box, just tried for 5-10 mins.
Warranty - Don't know
Invoice - yes
Price - Rs. 300 (fixed)
Note: This item is available as addon if you buy something else too, not selling as single item.

7. WD Elements 10 TB external HDD casing [SOLD]​

Purchased from: Amazon US
Item condition: Very good, minor hair line scratches. one out of those 4 tiny notches broken while shucking the HDD.
Accessories included - Power Adapter (New), USB Cable (New) , everything including the usb PCB , rubber gromets, screws etc.
Working condition: It's almost 2 years old item lying on the shelf, just checked today excellent working , photos attached.
Warranty - No
Invoice - No
Price - Rs. 1000 (fixed includes shipping to anywhere in India)
Rs. 800 (Shipped if you only want the PCB , USB Cable and Power Adapter)
Note: Though everything is included but only White labeled disks can be installed in this case, I tried with some other WD blue but it's not happening.:(
may be different drive designs.

8. Asus B350F Strix Gaming Motherboard (Faulty) [SOLD]​

Purchased from: Ebay India, 4 yr old item.
Item condition: Faulty, not powering ON, though the orange LED near South bridge lits up when PSU is turned ON.
I 'm bussy to take it to some repair shop. Used with care, item's cosmetic condition speaks for itself.
Original AM4 Bracket on mobo and back I/O plate is also available, No retail box.
Warranty - Not Applicable
Invoice - Availabe, not applicable.
Price - Rs. 3000 (fixed)
Note: 90% chances are it can be repaired but I'm not sure so selling as is. I've seen posts here people asking for dead mobos and GPUs hence added this item for sale but it's not a dead item.

9. Xbox 14 days Game-Pass x2 Units [Shared]​

Purchased from: Got with my new controllers
Price - Giveaway (1 unit for 1 member, First come First serve)

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Hey there, look for slim fans are the F12 slim, do you know if they are lesser than 25mm width? I did try on Amazon, they are same width, just wanted to confirm.