Asus 5850 HD and EK water block for s8s0 including nickel backplate

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For sale today an Asus 5850 1 GB with NO warranty. It comes with retail box and I can include some extra stuff like converters if you want.

I also have a water block from EK for it along with a nickel backplate. The waterblock is used and old, so expect some scratches. For some reason one or two of the screws on the block are stripped, so I cannot open it to clean the copper block itself. But this does not hamper performance in any way.The nickel backplate looks very nice when installed on the card. These two will be sold together or the whole thing as a package deal. Remember these are great for Bitcoin...

I will give 3 days testing warranty to anyone who buys, BUT shipping back is your headache.

Price for Card - 6k + shipping
Price for EK Copper/Plexi WB and nickel back plate - 1.75k + shipping

Price for all items together 7k plus shipping.
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