Asus M2N E SLI Motherboard + Creative Audigy Value 7.1 channel sound card

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Here are few items available for sale:

1) ASUS M2B E SLI motherboard
Check the specs here: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Reason of sale: Upgraded to Gigabyte 780G US2H.

No Warranty left (although I'll give a weeks personal testing warranty)

Original Box available with few accessories but I wont be able to give the box right now since its at my hometown. Can get it if its a must.

Expected Price: 2500 + Shipping at actuals (Absolutely NON Negotiable....arey its an SLI motherboard :hap2: )


2) Creative Audigy Value 7.1 Channel Sound Card (Sold on the other forum)
Check the specs here: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value Sound Card - High-quality 24-bit, 7.1 audio

Reason of sale: Planning to upgrade

No warranty (a weeks testing warranty applies here as well)

Original Box available (shown in the pic)

Expected Price: 1K (including shipping)

I am afraid. The card is in pristine condition. A new retails for 1750 bucks. Seeing that, i guess the price is fine, with the free shipping.
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