Asus M2N68 AM2+/Am3,2*512 DDR2 transcend

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Asus M2N 68 AM Plus

2k + shipping

About one months old with bill. Works great. have solid caps near proccy and pwm area. Supports all Am2+ and Am3 proccys [Sempron, Sempron LE, X2, Athnon II X2, Phenoms, Phenom II x2/x3/x4].
nvidia 630a chipset. nvidia 7050 IGP. Pure Copper Cooler. Solid caps and 3 phase power design gives additional stability.
2 years 7 months warranty remaining.
new one costs: 2.5k

reason for sale: micro ATX mobo causes hindrance for cooler[TRUE] and RAM. Goin for another Phenom II x4 and a 790/785/770 mobo DDR3.
Creative Audigy Value 7.1. Around 1.5 yrs old. No warranty left.

SOLD to akshay
reason: getting an auzentech

Transcend 512MB DDR2 667 * 2. OC greatly. Have even crossed 1000mhz on it and ran smoothly with full stability 5-6-6-18. Had to sell it coz, my no. of slots are limited, and 512 MB is too small.:)
cunt find its bill, and i dont think it needs bill for warranty. purchased on Aug 07. SO might have warranty till Aug 2010

in line for 2*512 ddr2 transcend.
blackprince [local pickup]
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