FS: Video Card Asus ROG Strix RX570 OC Edition 4GB x2 (like new)

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The story goes that someone tried to scale up his mining operation back in mid of 2019. He quickly realized it wasn't worth the effort and liquidated his mining rig at a CEX here. There were five cards, two with obvious signs of use with layers of hardened dust. The other three were in pristine condition with barely any dust on the fan blades or on the fins. I purchased two and took them home for testing. One was stable in Furmark but the other immediately ramped up 99C so I took it back and exchanged it for the other like-new card. That other one was Furmark stable as well.

Then I put them away for my workstation project that eventually was abandoned. And now it's 19 months later and I've taken them out of the boxes to put them up for sale here. They've never been gamed on, they've seen a power-on time of less than 15 minutes in the entire time I've owned them. They're basically brand new without much warranty left. I've tested HDMI and DVI outputs and they're working fine on both cards. I do not have a way to test the display port connection. Furmark quickly stabilized at 71C & 73C on the cards but that's probably because one was tested in the morning an the other at noon when it's warmer. The cards have never been disassembled or even cleaned.

Shipping is included but it will cost a few hundred because of the size and weight, so with that in mind, and that these are the OC editions, I've priced these a little less modestly than the other things I've sold here.

Furmark testing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f11javnxxpj39d9/rx570h.mp4?dl=0 & https://www.dropbox.com/s/0uw012pngj8l10p/rx570i.mp4?dl=0


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I'm relieved to hear that that's the consensus so far. I thought I was pricing them too high.


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Have this card myself and i have to say it works brilliantly. Undervolted it to around 1000mV and overclocked it just a tiny bit extra +50 to 1350 MHz and it works absolutely fine, could just be silicon lottery too though :p but seems others were able to replicate the same results too. Haven't tried to overclock it even more since right now itself it still performs great, maybe in the future once it starts to show a bit of it's age in games i might bring the voltage back to it's default and oc it from there again. I recommend the buyers to undervolt it since temps are much better as well as put a custom fan curve. Good price OP
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