AT&T Motorola Atrix Unlocked & AT&T Palm Pixi Plux Unlocked

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AT&T Motorola Atrix Unlocked

This was purchased from a TE member, unfortunately it has a problem with the ear piece it sometimes works sometimes does not, bought a new flex cable and fixed the ear piece issue

Reason for Sale: Want to buy Samsung Note
Condition: Used, scratches at the back, screen is mint, always used with a scratchguard, no box, includes all accessories i.e. HDMI cable, data cable, charger, 1 mesh cover, 1 Gel cover
Price: 10K for local users, was bought for 18.5K
Updated Pictures :

To all interested users, the phone is working perfectly, I successfully repaired it on 23/11/2011, and have been using it since then

Please do not PM me, if you are interested and want to know if it is working or not? please post here, no PM's will be answered regarding the sale of this phone

AT&T Palm Pixi Plux Unlocked
This was purchased from Taggle when they had a offer going on to use as a backup phone, unfortunately it's lying unused as it does not have a feature which I was looking for, Wifi Hotspot, the feature is present in Version models and I do not have time to tinker with it to get it to work on this one
Reason for Sale: Lying unused and want to buy Samsung Note
Condition: Mint, comes with original packing and all accesories
Price: 5K, was bought for 5.7K
Status: Sold to raghul!539

Note: Due to my busy lifestyle it is little difficult for me to ship so preference will be given to local buyers, in any case of lowballing please justify it or else do not post,
Thank you


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m-jeri said:
For atrix - You mean we cant hear anything at all?.
Yes, you cannot hear anything from the ear piece, sometimes out of the blue it works but most of the time does not, restarting the phone also does not help, the phone is on stock 2.3.4, no custom roms.

The speaker works, if you plug in ear phone it works, bluetooth headset also works, If somebody is a frequent traveller to US they can get it fixed at Motorola, I tried contacting Motorola but since this model is not launched here they cannot fix it.


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Bump and update, the phone has US warranty till 10/5/2012

Serial/MSN # L196QXXXXX
Model MB860 AT&T
Requires SIM Card for Repair Request NO
Warranty Country Code US

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@mastersquall, the Atrix is currently undergoing repairs, waiting for the flex speaker cable, once I get that I will try to replace it and check if everything works fine I will most probably keep it

@drsingh, I have used it on Vodafone 3G and it worked on Edge, did not note the speeds.

@raghul, won't be able to post pics, haven't got a better camera, we can meet up somewhere on the weekend, PM me your working hours and we can fix a place to check it.


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got the palm pixi plus in really good condition :)

happy with the purchase... leaving iTrust score

and nice meeting you.
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