Awesome Game Soundtracks


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POP's Godsmack I stand Alone was it or Straight out of line. Both still gives me goose bumps.


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i was quite surprised to c that no1 posted this 1 ... on of my all time favs which i cudn't find on this thread



Apart from CnC Red Alerts Hell Marches which bad already posted (EPIC)

recently I have enjoyed these

Dishonored - Drunken Whaler (LMAO @ the lyrics wow @ the music)

The war theme for Japan in Civ5 (starts @ 05:48 in the vid.. amazing to war with this playing in the background lol)

The war theme for India in Civilization 5 - Raga (again amazing when someone else is waring on you)



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A bit of nostalgia my First Racing game which I finished on my OWN PC. Brilliant soundtrack took up Fruity loops after this in 1999/2000.

The Most brilliant soundtracks created via MPTracker, anybody who's used it would know the pain of using it.

Epic Music, Epic Taunts, Epic Multiplayer, Epic Maps, Epic Gameplay! UT'99

"I am the Alpha and the Omega"


M-M-MM-Monster Kill..Kill..Kill


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Just found out the name for this awesome Witcher 2 track which has been on constant repeat on my phone:

Audio Network - Day of Reckoning

The Witcher 2 New Elements Trailer:



Super Saiyan
GAME: Prince of Persia Warrior Within

Track: The Face of Time

Track: Dahaka Chase

GAME: Syndicate

Track: Syndicate by Skrillex

Epicness at 00:50