Benq E2200HD, Antec 900, Logitech Alto Cordless

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Benq E2200HD LCD Monitor - Rs 3500

Very good condition, no problems at all, no dead pixels or anything.
I did a review for this in the past, here is the link -
No idea about warranty, bought locally.

Antec 900 Cabinet - Rs 2000

Bought it on this forum from somebody. He had cut a couple on the backplate for cable management, they don't look too bad and serve their purpose indeed.
No idea about warranty.

Logitech Alto Cordless Laptop Stand - Rs 1500

Link for the product - Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Laptop review - Trusted Reviews
Bought it in Canada for my old 15'' laptop which I replaced with a 17'' one with which it is incompatible, used this stand just once or twice.
It's in great condition, like brand new in box with all accessories. As it is purchased in Canada I'm not too sure about warranty.

Reason for sale:
I had moved to Canada 2 years ago and this stuff is at my home in Chandigarh and was being used by my brother, now he's coming here as well so we won't be needing it anymore.
If you want better pictures or have any queries, please let me know, i'll do my best to comply.

Looking for a local deal as shipping will be a hassle, would prefer a pick-up and delivery might as well be possible.
Have priced the items to sell, but if you still have doubts about pricing please suggest to me what you have in mind.
You can pm me or email me at

Wish you all a good day.


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wish u lived in mumbai.. Superb pricing mate.. I'm sure this thread wil close in a day or two.. ;)
simply irresistible superb pricing, i would rent money from someone to buy LCD :hap2: if you could've shipped outside then i would have definitely picked this for my Rig.
^^^ i saw this thread and feel that it wont be good to post now as i dont think this deal will be missed by others
Overwhelming response, will get back to everybody asap.
First priority would be for multiple items, followed by local deals and then ppl in line for an item.
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