Budget 15-20K Best Smartphone Under 20K October 2020


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AMOLED Display
Android 10
Dual SIM
No brand preference
Browsing and watching videos
Dual 4G VoLTE
Best in class camera and performance with decent build, Snapdragon processor only
I've looked at Realme 7 Pro, Realme X2 and Motorola One Fusion+.


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Copy pasting my reply from another similar thread -

IMO, LCD displays in less than 20k phones are outright SHIT, so won't recommend that.

1) K20 Pro - OLED, Full screen notchless display, top specs, good build quality.
You can flash LineageOS if you are wary of MIUI like me. May have to increase budget by 2k approx (after card discounts).

2) Realme 7 Pro - OLED display, good specs, good build quality but can't flash custom roms.

If you don't know how to flash a custom ROM and are okay with less "premium" build -

3) Samsung M31s - OLED display, Good UI but I won't recommend it. Its overpriced for the processor and build it offers imo. Rather look at A50s (14k during sale) or A70s (23k during sale) for better build quality and features.

You can also look at 1 year old devices like Realme X, Redmi K20, Realme X2. Then factors like Dual sim slot, micro sd card slot etc also come into play, so choose accordingly.

Moto is owned by Lenovo and I am not really fond of them so haven't used any moto phone since X Play. Avoid Poco phones too.

PS - I have used Poco F1, Realme X, Oneplus X, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Nexus 5, Mi A1, Moto X Play, Moto E2


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Samsung A50s .. very disappointing review from owners at Flipakrt, Amazon, Gsmarena.com and YouTube

After going all reviews, I stat thinking that Samsung A50s model have issue in each & every hardware it is made of :rolleyes:

I'm also on watch to buy A50s.. but all these reviews/comments makes me worry... after all who want to drain hard earn 14k


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@xkcd0137 How many custom ROMs have you tried on K20 Pro? I'm new to custom ROMs,heard that there's some issues with Multimedia controls and anx camera on OOS vendor ROMs.
I don't have K20Pro, @red dragon has one. He is using Pixel Experience Rom.

I have a Poco F1 and I've flashed Pixel Experience+ and Lineage OS in past and stuck with the latter for past year.

red dragon

I've only tried the Pixel Experience ROM, and using it for close to a week now.
Didn't face any issue with media control yet. But I rarely use the camera. The stock camera app was rubbish. However GCam works fine.
The ROM itself is very very stable and secure.