FS: Movie and Music Bloodborne, Blu-rays & Steelbooks


PS4 Game:
1. Bloodborne - Rs 20001800

Collector's Editions / Limited Editions / Box-sets / Steelbooks - All Blu-rays:
1. I am Legend [Ultimate 3-Disc French Edition with Book, Cards and other extras] - Rs 1500
2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy [Indian Edition has extended edition in 2 BLUs and extras in 3 DVDs for each movie, Outer box has a small pinch, shown in pic] - Rs 3000
3. Toy Story Trilogy [Imported, Disc holding pins in 2 cases are broken, would ship in original replacement boxes] - Rs 1000
4. King-Kong Limited Edition Digibook [US Edition] - Rs 1000
5. Shawshank Redemption Limited Edition Digibook [US Edition] - Rs 800
6. X-Men First Class [Indian Edition with Printed Booklet and Helmet Case] - Rs 800
7. Batman Begins [US], TDK [US], Green Lantern [US], The Amazing Spider-Man [UK] - Rs 1500 each [All Sealed Pack]
8. TDKR [US 2-Disc Sealed Pack], Man of Steel 3D [UK 2-Disc Sealed Pack] - Rs 2000 each

Special Editions & Steelbooks Pics

Blu-rays[Indian Editions]
1. Pirates of Carribean 1, 2, 3, 4 [All Sealed except for Part 1] - Rs 300 each or 1000 combined
2. UP, Chronicles of Narnia Part 1 [All Sealed Pack] - Rs 350 each
3. Ratatouille, Wall-E, Prince of Persia, Tron Legacy, Hitman - Rs 300 each
4. Green Lantern Extended Cut - Rs 700

Blu-rays[Imported, All Region Free or atleast works in India]:
1. Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Sucker Punch [All Sealed Pack] - Rs 400 each
2. Watchmen's Director Cut [2-Disc US Edition, Sealed Pack], 2012 [2-Disc US Special Edition, Sealed Pack], Sin City [2-Disc UK Edition with Extended version] - Rs 1000 each
3. Lie to Me Season 1 [US Sealed Pack] - Rs 800
4. 300, Troy, Alexander Revisited Pack [US] - Rs 1000
5. Constantine [UK] - Rs 350
6. Transformers 2 Movie Pack [US Part 1 & 2, Special 2 Disc Editions] - Rs 1000
7. Transformers Dark of the Moon [US Part 3 includes, 3D Bluray too] - Rs 700, All 3 Transformers combined for Rs 1500

All Blu-Ray Pics



Preferred Courier: SpeedPost/ DTDC Couriers

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges are not included. Charges at actuals, generally around 60-80.

Related Details:
All sealed blu-rays are mentioned specifically, consider all others opended.
Unless mentioned specifically, all discs and cases are mint and work flawlessly.
Anyone interested in a steelbook can request for additional pictures.
Steelbooks would be shipped with lots of bubble wraps and double casing.
I Can provide genuine buyers with additional pictures on request.
Please do not lowball, spam here. Follow PM route for any discussions. If you find lower price, let me know and will try to match it.
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Updated sold discs to @?dOuBtFiRe? :
Pirates of Carribean 1, 2, 3, 4
Ratatouille, Wall-E, Prince of Persia, Tron Legacy, Hitman
Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2
Constantine [UK]
Transformers Trilogy

UPDATE: Package shipped!
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