FS: Movie and Music Blu-rays for sale. 7 Awesome titles.

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Blu-rays : New titles added.

Blu-rays for sale.

1) Chariots of Fire 30th Anniversary Edition : Indian Edition : Region free : 600
2) A.I. : Artificial Intelligence : Indian Edition : Region Free : 800
3) Sucker Punch : Indian Edition : 700 : Region Free
4) Desperado/El Mariachi Double pack : Indian Edition : 650 : Region Free
5) Goodfellas 20th Anniversary Edition : Indian Edition : 700 : Region Free

All Blu-rays are used once, And disk condition is exactly new, without a single scratch. And same applied to boxes too.
except Inception Briefcase. Briefcase and book has scratches. Totem and amaray cover are mint.

Pics of all :

- Prices are fixed.
- Sorry, no holding.
- Shipping via speed-post only. At buyer's cost and risk.
- Packing will be done with extreme carefulness and Pics of parcel with Signs and marks will be given to buyer too, as I always do.
- Please give 1 day time for packing and handling.
- Any queries, read all info over here. Still question? PM me or post here.
is desparado indian edition uncensored? :innocent06:
I may say it's censored, coz that s#x scene with salma hayek was pretty much looked like censored :mad:

But again I have not seen uncensored version, cannot tell exactly.
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