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  • Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Fiio E7 USB DAC + amplfier

  • Time of Purchase: Original purchase date ~ May 2012 , from Pristine Note official distributor

  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, ~6-7 months remaining

Reason for Sale: Friend upgrading DAC

  • Purchase Invoice Available: Unable to locate but will help incase of any warranty assistance needed :).

  • Product Condition: 10/10 . Brand New with plastic coating- received a replacement 2-3 days back due to battery issues with original purchase.

  • Accessories Included: only USB cable and silicon/rubber cover.

  • Product Location: Navi Mumbai

Preferred Courier: Aramex/DTDC/BlueDart

  • Shipping Charges: Rs. 90 via Aramex /Buyer pays for other options

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer

Expected Price : Rs. 3800 ( new costs ~5k)

Images :

^ With connected to PC via USB it will act as a DAC (soundcard ) + headphone amplifier - giving you much better output than your onboard soundcard.

When connected to mobile/media player it will only act as a headphone amplifier and can be used to drive high impedance headphones or use bass boost function etc.
Adding one more point to above reply,

If you have Nokia N8 or Galaxy S3 you could connect it using the USB OTG cable to use it as a DAC , just like PC :)
^ Wow :O Didn't know that works as well. That's like having a kickass audio setup on the move if it works for other USB DACs as well.
@fLUX As of now it is not possible with stock firmware on S2. I read on XDA developers some custom kernels support it but I'm not sure :(
@FaH33m When using with N8 or S3 we have to turn off the USB charging option otherwise it'll eat up the mobile battery :)
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