Brand new GoVibe Derringer, Thermaltake M9, ipod and other goodies

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Dark Star

So this the forth market sale and will have handful of goodies (mostly audio) . I am selling my Brand new Go Vibe Derringer , Thermaltake M9, Apple Ipod Shuffle 1gb and Phillips Cans SHP 2700. Check out below for more details.


1. GoVibe Derringer : -

Won this Headphone/Earphone Amplifier from Jaben forum. Its brand new, haven't used it more than once. Its one of the best Headphone amplifiers from Jaben community.
Price : 3000 Shipped
Shipping - AIR : - ~85Rs
Reason : - Don't use it. Need Money.
Warranty : N/A . Its a prize and IMO it doesn't have any warranty.
Invoice : Since it is a prize I don't have invoice.
Current Price : $70 + KMD rates + Shipping ~4k+

Reviews [IMPRESSION] GoVibe Derringer - low budget ultraportable face-off!!! - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio


2. Thermaltake M9 : -

SOLD to Sidhu_21 !!!!

Selling my M9, this one is the windowed model and comes with 2 BLUE LED 120mm fans of 42cfm each. The case can accommodate 3 more fans thus has the ability to have 5 fans. Apart from this the case comes with hard drive cage capable of housing up to 3 hard drives, and one more can be installed from 5 1/4 -> 3 1/2 drive bay.

The case is mostly steel with few plastic parts and has very efficient cooling. It can even accommodate the tallest cooler. I am using Prolimatech Megahalems which is 160mm thus CPU cooler installation is no issue either.

I brought the case on December 08 thus its not even a year old. No Scratches .
Price : 3250 + Shipping
Shipping - AIR : - N/A , should be according to weight.
Reason : - Upgrading and need money.
Warranty : Available if applicable.
Invoice : Will attach 2 photocopy of the original invoice.
Current Price : 4.5k + Shipping + Tax

Local buyers will be given preference.[/strike]


Product Website : Thermaltake Global > Product > Chassis > MidTower > M9 > VI1000BWS

This doesn't come with SMPS, and I will not include more fans in the case.


3. Apple ipod Shuffle 1gb ( Second Generation )

Selling my old Shuffle . Don't use it since i have got Nano 5th Gen. Its more than a year old thus no warranty and I don't have the bill. Add to that I don't have the earphones as well. But I will provide headphones (brand new) of ipod nano !

Sold to paddydevil !!!

Price : 1250 + Shipping
Shipping - AIR : - ~85 Rs
Reason : - Don't use it.
Warranty : No warranty left, only 1 year on apple products.
Invoice : Lost the invoice.
Current Price : 2.4k + Shipping + Tax


4. Phillips SHP 2700

This the can that have got, a decent over the head headphone for good audio output. Selling it since I hardly use it. Its more than a year old but haven't used it more than 5-6 times. I prefer earphones over this.
Price : 600 + Shipping
Shipping - AIR : - ~85 Rs
Reason : - Don't use it.
Warranty : No warranty left.
Invoice : Lost the invoice.
Current Price : 1500 + Shipping + Tax


Please Pm me for your doubts . No hold for any one ' First come first serve ' .
hey man hold the m9 and philips headphones, i can pick them up from ur place

give me some time to think and come to a decision
ipod sold. Will do the shipping on Monday along with brand new nano headphones.

Bump with final price drop in remaining stuff.
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