Bridging into a degree program after a diploma

Hi Guys,

I'm finishing up a 3 year advanced diploma in IT in Canada, and I'm thinking about moving back to India. I had some questions:
  • Is it possible to bridge into a degree program (say year 3) in a good indian university?
  • Would my diploma be good enough to find a job in my field (IT/programming); The only work experience I have is my internships as part of my diploma program
  • Is a degree required to have a good job in India? (My assumption is yes)
Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these questions.

P.S My marks have been good, I'll be graduating with honors - if that helps.


Has anybody returned to India after doing this diploma?

You can always contact the startups in India. They may be much more forgiving regarding degrees. The service industry may place you at par with BCA students.
Well why dont you try a job in software?
Or isnt three any placement from your your institute in Canada itself?

That is not the problem, I just want to know my options. Want to know if returning to India is feasible.

Also, I read somewhere that 3yr of diploma plus 11th and 12th in school could be equivalent to a degree and I might qualify for masters.
If that is true, would that be a good option considering future prospects for a good job in India?
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If you get a placement there itself it will be pretty healthy in terms of a freshers package as compared to India.
You can also choose to work for a year or two and then pursue your masters here. The work experience does makes a big difference.

Its not always true that after 12th if you do 3yrs diploma its considered as degree. NO.
A diploma is diploma and a Degree is a degree.

Mind you, in IT now a days many cos. are not considering candidates who have done diploma and now they are eying full time degree graduates/ candidates only. So this is the current ongoing trend.


I'll give small example, in my company(one of the largest Indian IT firms), degree holders get 3lakh per annum at start. Diploma holders get 1.5lakh per annum and their promotion track is delayed by 2 yrs at the beginning. In India your education matters a lot. A diploma is considered as 12th level education unless specified otherwise. And in order to go for masters you have to have a degree, and diploma is not considered.

Stay back in Canada.