Budget 51-70k Building a custom PC for Programming after 15 years - Need Guidance


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Hello wonderful people,

This is my first PC here. As a kid, I was very much into computer hardware, building PCs for myself, friends, and also for friends & for some quick cash.

Over the last decade and a half, however, I have gone one laptop to another as that was more in line of how I worked, I now need a good desktop again.

My requirements are as follows:

  • A rig primarily for programming
    • IDEs like VS Code, Android Studio, etc. should run smooth
    • Multiple browsers with many tabs open on each should be smooth
    • Android Emulators should run smooth enough (My current Laptop with 8GB DDR2 crawls to a half when I open Android Studio & emulators)
  • I use Adobe Lightroom once in a while so the smoother it runs, the better but this is not a priority as I use it to process RAW images maybe once a month.
  • Should be able to handle an intermediate level of video processing.
    • I make video tutorials and so far have been almost happy with what Windows Movie Maker offers but down the line, I wish to do some more advanced stuff. The new PC should be able to run tools like Premiere Pro or similar without much difficulty.
  • I will be using 2 monitors on the rig.
Budget: Honestly I have not much of an idea about the same but I think I will be happy if it is around 65k-70k (with 1 monitor. I already have one).

Thank you for reading so far.

It would be really helpful if I can get some guidance on this.

Thanks in advance!

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