Budget 41-50k Building a NAS (Unraid)


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1) Any suggestions on any used server guy who has the LSI SAS 9211-8i ? or the 16 port version?
2) Say I get the 8 port version and the motherboard also has 4 ports, do I get access to 12 ports or just the 8 from the card? - I want to be able to use 8 - 10 drives in the unraid array


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Plex HW with NVENC only works if you have a plex pass or premium. Dunno which one of those. If you have an intel igpu then it’ll use that for free, if not it uses cpu.
Learned it the hard way when my 3300X almost chocked trying to decode when I streamed to my projector :’(
This is the reason I am running my omw and Plex server on R7 1700..works like a charm...did not want to invest in Plex pass...chucked in 64gb of cheap ram as well for other things when not transcoding.