C2D + Mobo + RAM + TRU 120

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C2D + Mobo + RAM + TRU 120 - Prices dropped

Willing to sell off the following stuffs as i have upgraded to Quad:

1. C2D E7200 socket 775 cpu...
CPU has ~8 monhs warranty left with it..Box not available.Only cpu+HSF.


2. Gigabyte G31 ES 2L mobo.
Mobo has aroung 1.8 yrs warranty left on it.Has everything dat came in the box.

3. Kingston 1 GB 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM:
Got brand new after RMA.Using it since last month and has ~3 yrs warranty left.

4. TRU 120 ULTRA cpu cooler:

Around 1.5 year old TRU cooler. Only socket 775 kit available. In awesome condition. Base is as gud as new.Includes Fan clips as well:)


Ppl interested plse drop me a PM for further info..Only Mumbai buyers preferred.


Hold the TRU 120 for me.

I'll confirm by tomorrow morning. :clap:

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Ok keep the true 120 for me I'm buying it. Also please upload some better pics. PM me your location and where we can meet. I'm free on 30th and 1st.
PMs replied...
Sorrie for loosy pics..Will update sum more by today evening...

Also request u ppl, dnt negotiate on prices as dey r already kept too low..

Bump for cpu + mobo...Rest of things r on hold and as gud as sold:)

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Pics uploaded...:)
Yes...ready to ship the stuffs...but shipping will be @actuals....

Also, dnt waste mine nd urs time lowballing through pm as i wont entertain such PMs....
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