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4 seconds, inhale; 4 seconds, exhale.
* Product Name: MX Wire Mesh, MX Cable Winder, MX Table Manager Cable Organiser

* Expected Price: Rs. 700 shipped.

* Time of Purchase: 1.5 yrs. back.

* Reason for Sale: Not being used.

* Purchase Invoice Available: No.

* Product Condition: Unabused

* Accessories Included: N.A. Original box available.

* Product Location: Thane/Mumbai, Maharashtra.

* Preferred Courier: DTDC.

* Shipping Charges: N.A.

* Payment Options: Bank transfer.



I wanna Buy still Up for sale? I am from Mumbai, IF sold can you please give me the place where u bought from? thx
My Number is 09819446160 you can contact me directly
feedback left for @Avishkar Sawant. awaiting one in return.

all items sold, EXCEPT the wire-mesh. on hold for @The Pain. leaving the city for a week. would most probably not be able to log in here during that time. meanwhile, please check a video on how to use the wire-mesh to hide/organise your cables (the wire-mesh shown in the demo, ie, the black one, is the same one listed here, of dia. 22 mm.):

Not open for further replies.