Can anyone do me a favour!!!!


I was in Delhi last year in July.....
Had being to Karims....
Please go and have a BIG MEAL on my behalf :)
Feel like having one of every dish on their menu..............
Thanks ;-)


Nice way to remember some place by mate.

Slight OT, anybody know how to make Phirni/Firni? I've ate this dish only once and since then trying to find a recipe that mimics it but the net is full of $h!te and nothing even comes close to what i had. Any musalman friends can help out?
^^^ Phirni is available in plenty on streets of Amritsar (my home town)

The recipe (quite similar to what my grandma makes) is YouTube - Firni (Rice Pudding)

Njoi.... I am home sick now. Maybe I should sleep :p

Edit: Get earthenware pots if you can: They just make it taste yum. Plus add some saffron for sure ;)

This guy's other recipes are good too. The name is Harpal Singh Sokhi and he is on Sanjeev Kapoor's team or something


Where in Delhi is this Kareem's located? Is it that good?

EdiT: Oii, You were talking about that Jama Masjid one, went there last week itself. Dont know what it was, but was delicious. A friend threw a treat.


I have heard a great deal about the Karim's at Jama Masjid. On paper, TV and what not. Wonder if I will be able to make it this time :)

How near or far to the Jama Masjid is this?
I had heard about Karims from a long time. Finally got a chance to go to Delhi and try it out. Went to the one near Jama Masjid. I'll be honest, it doesnt live up to its hype. The kababs were ok, and the gravies had just too much oil. Many might disagree with me, but Karims is overrated.