canon 500d


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hi i got the following quote from Jayesh Mehta in Bangalore for Canon 500d kit (18-55 IS lens):
32k without warranty
35k with warranty
so guys what is your opinion is the deal good also is there any better options ?


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no point buying an outdated camera, when the newer 550d blows it away, saw an offer on ebay for the 550 d for 35k without a lense


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even if 550d is lot better that 500d, i dun think 500d is outdated. 550d's sensor has a lot more potential and many ways similar to 7D in features though wont come too close in reality.

If you can somehow afford 550d, go for it. Else 500d aint that bad choice either. :)

Also remember, many accessories of 500d isnt compatible with 550d, incase u alrady have battery grip or similar stuffs of 500d.

Im too dieing for 550d :)


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Same would be said 1 year later for 550d when 600d would be available, have witness this every year since last 15 years of digital imaging.

Great cameras don't make great photographs, good photographer even with 350D r 450D would make a prize winning master piece.

More than the camera you need a better or best lenses for the kind of Images you want to shoot, that alone will null the camera difference weather you shoot with 450d or 550d.

If you need HD video capability then you don't have any other choice but 550d, while 600d is already around the corner


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will be a learner camera for me regarding lenses heave planned to buy them in the 4th quarter (promotion+pay raise+incentives) also the difference between 500d and 450d is 5k and between 1000d and 500d its 10k so what do you guys think...also whats the price of 550d in i need warranty ? need serious advice going to pick up the kit when i am in bangalore this weekend (been posted in Hubli, N. Karnataka)


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450D will not be a very wise choice though 5k less it performs quite poorly up against 500D.:down: if you want to save money though you should go for 1000D, it's 5k cheaper than 450d but the only major thing it loses on is spot metering and a 3.5fps compared to 3.0 of 1000D also faster fps for raw shooting... the extra 2 megapixels on the 450d do not really make a significant difference at all in real world. on the contrary at default settings, 1000d gives more sharper images than the 450d:goku:, though changing the settings will turn the tables, but still.:drag_bal:

the 500D is a very good camera:alucard:. 550D:batman:is priced too high as of now..and wouldn't be very wise to go for it.:annoyed:( if you need Full HD video then i guess there is no way out:dead:)
rather go for 500D(body only) and a good 18-250mm is lens from cannon:devil2:.this will give you more flexibility with just one lens.but it will be more expensive...
on the other hand if you go for the kit lens then do buy "Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS":rockon:- it's priced at around 12k, you might get it down to 11k.
besides, you can also go for the Nikon D5000:cool2:, it's a very good camera and is even cheaper than the 500D. it will meet most of your needs... plus nikkor lenses are slightly cheaper..atleast the plastic ones.
P.s- don't go for without warranty ones, though they seem attractive at the outset...peace of mind is strictly needed with expensive products such as these..

enjoy photography

if possible get the D90( it's the grand daddy of them all)
The D90 is currently at around 33k (body only) in grey and for that price there is nothing to touch it.