FS: Others Casio G-Shock GW500A-1V Atomic Solar Watch

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Casio G-Shock GW500-1V
Rs 2k. 100 shipping.

It's been few years since I got it.DOP is just placeholder about 4 years over.
Still going solid.

Condition-Works great. Belt is in great condition too. Some words have worn off and very slight scratch on screen that is visible on very close watch . And a particular point I like to mention - a small display line on something like MON -N is missing.( Check pic).
All buttons are perfectly working.


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badly beaten bro, condition is 2/5 at best
from what angle? just for the writings worn off on silver part and it is badly beaten?

this watch is G-shock it is capable of much more abuse . These things are built like a tank.

Anyways I have highlighted the issue and watch pics are very clear. Any respected buyer can approach me for more pics if interested.
My stated condition remains 4/5.
up. still available.
Someone on Amazon review posted- This watch lasted him 17 years and still going.
I think he just had to change the battery once.
Sorry to ask but don't u clean your toys?

I have a habit of cleaning my Watches, Tablets laptops every other day.
You seem to have lot of time to spare...:p

Btw this has not been used for last 8 months and just posted quick pictures ... Did not even noticed till you posted.
Yeah man too much spare time, Though I'm not that busy that I cannot spare 2 mins from my busy schedule to clean my stuff, Keeping things clean is how one take care of their stuff it's the same how u clean or polish your shoes every day.
Good boy.
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