CD + network audio player


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Hi Guys

I need to buy a new audio system (preferably a micro-hifi/mini-fi/shelf type system) which has the following things:
Must have:
- CD Player
- Network playback
- DLNA support
- Line in playback

Nice to have:
- Wi-fi
- Apple airplay support
- Apple dock
- Cassette support

Any options for the same available in India? My budget is around 10-12k but can stretch it to around 20 if the system is very good and has the above "nice to have" features as well.
I have been able to find a lot of network players, e.g. squeezebox (doesnt support DLNA but I can live with squeeze protocol as well since my router, where I store all my music, supports it) but none of them have a CD playback capability. I also found Denon RCD-N7 which has all this but it is not a self contained system so I need to add separate speakers and is also not available in India anyways.