Cheap PC games for sale

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Following games are for sale. All are Rs. 100, except
HALO Combat Evolved (100), Battlefield 2 (150), Unreal Tournament 2004 (150)

To spread shipping costs, take more than one.



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Games :

Action : Delta Force Black Hawk Down AND Expansion, Aliens Vs PRedator 2, GTA !!!, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Call of Duty AND Expansion, MAX PAyne, PRnice of Persia Warrion within, Serious Sam The Second encounter, Far Cry, Rainbow Six 3 Ravenshield, Contract JAck,

Movie BAsed : War of the Ring, Spiderman (2 titles), Hulk,

Racing : NFS Most wanted Black edition, Carbon, Flatout 2, Midnight Club2

Sports : FIFA 2004, 2005, 2006, World Cup, 2007, 2008

Sim : Zoo Tycoon, SIM city 3000.
Hey dude, received both the games. Both working fine. Have let a positive iTrader rating. Please do the same for me.
BTW, it is surprising to see how huge the packaging was in those days. The Mafia manual even has Hindi in it. Full marks to the publishers for the effort.
Hi bro,

I Will buy "Call of duty" and "call of duty united offensive". Kindly PM total Price to transfer including shipping charges to Hyderabad, and also Payment details for NEFT.
Pms replied.

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I'm surprised that so far no one has asked for Far Cry, Battlefield 2, UT 2003.
crossbow, rajveersingh,arjie : boxes shipped.

No longer available : BF2, Halo, COD, COD expansion, CS Anthology.
UT 2004 still up guys. I am shocked by the lack of response. This game was BIG a few years back, probably still is online.

NFS Most Wanted Black Edition, and Carbon ... awesome games.
I would've taken UT 04 as well if only my friends played it still. It's certainly a great game. Loads of fun.

Everything reached in perfect condition. Tried out Halo. Pity the PC version doesn't have co-operative multiplayer. That made the Xbox version so awesome. Still a pretty good game.
bro iTrust left for you with a small suggestion, kindly check. And If possible leave itrust for me as well.
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