Cheap sale - OCZ Powerstream 600W SLI ready PSU for 4.5k only

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selling an OCZ Powerstream 600W SLI ready PSU.
product details in this URL here:
OCZ Technology | Products | Power Management | OCZ PowerStream Power Supply (NVIDIA SLI-Ready)

- NVIDIA SLIâ„¢ Ready
- OCZ PowerWhisperâ„¢ Technology
- OCZ PowerFlexâ„¢ individually adjustable power rails with LED indicators.
- OCZ ConnectAllâ„¢ universal connector. (ATX, BTX, SATA, P4, and EPS12V)
- PCI Express x2
- +3.3V(28A), +5V(46A), +12V1(20A), +12V2(18A)
- Independent adjustable 3.3V/+5V/+12V rails.

comes in original box packaging.
about 1 yr old, bought from USA, but only used for 3 mths and kept as a backup PSU. pristine condition, 100% working condition.
no local warranty, but i will be more than happy to give a personal 1 week money back guarantee if there's any fault.

looking to sell at Rs 4,500 plus shipping (for buyers outside mumbai).
this is a top quality PSU which you won't find anything similar at this price :)
great for overclocking enthusiasts and high end systems running SLI.

aireast said:
as der is no warranty u need 2 reduce da price in case it breaks down 4.5k is exp

Are you genuinely interested in buying this?? :huh:
PM the seller with your quote :) - please read TE rules(especially Market rules) before posting. :cool2:
^^ got ur PM dude. but local pickup is preferred, as shipping bulky item like a psu is quite a hassle. will let u know if Vivek backs out.
kooabs03 said:
what about my p.m m8. i guess i was the 1st one....:S

sorry bro, but your offer was lower.
anyway, Vivek's confirmed for the deal, shd go thru by tomorrow.

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