Cheapest way to get the Logitech M570 Trackball Wireless Mouse


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I am using a Logitech M570 trackball mouse since last 2 years. There are occasional issues currently with not powering up or not connecting. I have been trying only rechargeable batteries so I will now buy duracell and try it. But still, in case it dies, I want to get the same mouse. Unfortunately, it seems it is not available in India easily.
I see that the US to India websites having different quotes or directly through, this is what I am getting, tax kills it.

PriceINR 2,247.89
AmazonGlobal Shipping+INR 878.53
Estimated Import Fees Deposit+INR 2,416.15
TotalINR 5,542.57

Any other options anyone has or any local website which sells for lesser price? If local price is same or more than with shipping and logitech has Indian warranty, I may as well get from

I do see listings of the mouse on amazon india and even flipkart but currently not available. Any chance this is temporary and it may come back on Indian websites?
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