| CM Hyper 212 | Rs. 1K |

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Product : CM Hyper 212 {Without Fan}
Bought : Oct. 2008
Warranty : Not sure.
Package Contents : All the accessories that came with it.
Original Bill : Yes
Reason for Sale : Upgrading
Place : Pune
Price : Rs. 1K

Product Link : Hyper 212 - Cooler Master
Product Review : AnandTech: Cooler Master Hyper 212: Looking for a Winner

Status : SOLD

PS : 1. Fan that came along with it wont be provided as its not working the way it should.
2. Any other 120MM Fan can used for better cooling.
3. Pics are a bit old as taken from my old thread.
4. Shipping will be extra for the item listed above.
5. Offers through PM Only !
6. Local buyers preffered for obvious reasons.

No crapping in the thread please :p
your name is not visible at all, please look into it else your thread will be closed soon for not following market rules, best of luck for the sale.
Hi Vasim,
Does this come with LGA1366 Kit for i7? I didn't get any in mine. Also Upgraded to i7 hence would require only the 1366 Bracket if possible else will buy the entire cooler kit itself. Awaiting your Reply.
Not open for further replies.