FS: Others CM Laptop cooling pad, and misc. items.


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1. Coolermaster (thermalmaster) laptop cooling pad

- there is some rust visible around the fan-mount under the grill.

2. Maxcon voltage converter (220V to 110V), 50W, step down - 250/-

- was purchased to test my logitech squeezebox classic. never used after that.
- time of purchase - late 2013

3. sim cutter, normal to micro - 80/- (purchased in mid 2012)

4. holster and swivel belt clip for pantech burst - 100/-

- purchased in Nov. 2013 from ibhejo; came with rubberised hard case, however, the case broke within 2 days of using it, and the holster is lying uselessly without use since then.
- your pantech burst should already be in a hard case like's shown in this link, for the holster to be used.
- may fit phones with same/similar dimensions as pantech burst, provided they are already in a hard case.

5. wireless fm transmitter for car/home - 200/- (purchased sometime in 2010) - SOLD!

6. USB adapter for playstation 2 controllers (x2) for PC - 150/- (purchased sometime in 2010).

would give preference to local deal(s) for all the above.

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