FS: Power Cooling and Modding CM Real power pro 460W 80+ certified

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Product Name: CM Real power pro 460W 80+ certified
Expected Price: 3000 shipped
Shipping charges: free
Manufacturer page URL: http://www.coolermaster.com/service/support/model/RS-460-ASAA-D3/
Description if any : Got it as a RMA upgrade, bill attached
Reason for Sale: Clearing stuff
Product condition: 8/10
Purchase Date:
original purchase nov 2010
Rma date july 2011
Remaining Warranty period: Comes with a five year warranty,
If taken from RMA date then 2 years 10 months remaining
If taken from original product then 2 years 3 months remaining
Warranty available : In India
Invoice Available: yes
Shipping from: Delhi/NCR
Shipping to: All over India
Payment options: Cash bank transfer, NEFT

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i m ready to pay purchase price 1.3 K
if you cared to read the invoice completely, it says given against RMA of another PSU and the difference of 1.3k was paid. :) if you know the current price of the PSU, dont you think its impossible that the ORIGINAL purchase price would be 1.3k :p
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