CM Silent Pro 850W + CM 690

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Up for sale is a CM Silent Pro 850W Psu and a MSI 8800GT 512MB.
The psu was purchased from SMC Intl and the gpu was purchased from TE.
Deal thread for GPU

The psu is at max 2 months old.Have the original bill,box & all supplied accessories.
The gpu has about 7-8 months of warranty left.

The last time i had tested the gpu was working fine.
currently using a frnds pc which doesnt have a pci-e port, so card lying idle.

Reason for selling : Shifting to Pune to want to get rid of most things.Dont want to lag them around.

Asking price :
PSU - 8k
BUNDLE - 11k

Local/NCR buyers will be preferred at any stage of the deal.

If u've a price in mind plz use PM.

Thnx & Regards,
Re: CM Silent Pro 850W + MSI 8800GT

So very tempted to pick up that 88GT- checks below the pillow and the mattress.:ashamed:
Re: CM Silent Pro 850W + MSI 8800GT

GPU already sold.
B U M P ing for PSU

Audiophi1le said:
i hell gate .
I transferred replies to pm dude?

PM'd u m8 & sorry for the late reply.

B u m p......................
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