PC Peripherals Colour Laser Printer within 15K ?


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Hey guys, a friend is looking for a multifunction color laser printer (printer + scan/copy) within a budget of 15k with decent features which is also economical in the long run.

Would be sticking to Canon or HP mostly,but any other suggestions/recommendations welcome. Planning to buy it within the next couple of days.

Edit : looks like a multifunction laser isn't possible within that price range :( in that case just recommend me a good color laser printer around 15k.

Mods can you please remove Multifunction from the thread title :)


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If you need a multi-function with low running costs, why not an inkjet? Unless you have a heavy duty cycle.


@6pack: How good is anythinginit.com? Was looking for the HP D730/K109 and so far only they seem to have it online.



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i bought my HP AIO Deskjet F4185 from them. service is good. you will get will bill and vat (not required to mention i think)

you can buy the product over the phone too but will be charged around 200-300 more than the website prices, but home delivery is free. :D i got mine home delivered. (felt lazy going to lamington, where their shop is :| )

edit: payment - cod or neft of hdfc i think.


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don't go for multifunction printers, not good, & increase your budget to 20k then u can go in for HP or XEROX