FS: Processor Core i5 7600t + ASrock H110m ITX + Geil 8gbx2 DDR4, Intel G4400 + ECS H110M ITX, Antec Vp700p 700w, CM 550w Bronze(sealed)

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1) Combo 1 - Sold to @immolationepoch
ASrock H110m-i- June 2021 bought - 2 years warranty left
Core i5 7600t - Out of warranty
Geil 8gb *2 ddr4 2400mhz - Out of warranty

Comes with a dvi to hdmi dongle as well.
You can build an ITX rig but do check dimensions with a pico powered psu to have a portable sff build.
Asking price is 12k plus shipping, Working as expected no issues what so ever. this post is being made on this combo.

2) Combo 2 - Sold outside forum
ECS h110m4-c2h - Out of warranty
intel G4400 - Out of warranty
This board as well works with most itx cases but do check dimensions.
Asking price is 4.5k+ shipping.

3) Antec Vp700p - Jun 2020- 1 year warranty remaining as per Antec website for this model.
Was bought during peak lockdown when my HX850 went kaput and rma was taking over a month, Was used for 4 months in gaming rig, post which was moved to Nas for about 6 months before i got a corsair PSU. Lying idle since last july-2021.

Asking Price is 3.2k+ shipping

4) Coolermaster 550w Bronze Sealed pack from RMA - Dec 2021 bought, 4.4 years warranty left, - Sold to @immolationepoch

Was bought for secondary rig, later developed some issue where system was not booting when sata powered hdd were connected, Rmaed and got new unit.

Asking Price is 3.1k plus shipping.

Preference to sell as combo, if need individual components will be priced a bit higher.
Shipping will be at buyers risk, i will share a video of working, Physical condition before packing as well as packing pics and videos, Will be packing with multiple layers of bubble wrap to avoid any issues however for any issues due to shipping i wont be responsible. If you have any questions do dm me.


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Received combo 1 as well as the CM PSU well packaged and in good shape. Unfortunately, 1 RAM stick would lead to the system not posting. I've gone through the rigmarole and had no success. @salman8506 has graciously agreed to take the 1 stick back despite the fact that the system was working absolutely fine over a number of days at his end. The motherboard, CPU, RAM # 2, and the CM PSU are all working fine. Feedback left.
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