Core2Duo E7400

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Hey guys I got a E7400 on sale ..


Product purchased on may'09

Asking price is 3.5k shipped.

New one costs rs 5750+shipping.

Was overclocked for last 2 months upto 3.5Ghz @ max of 1.245v on cpu Vcore.

Product location - Kolkata

Product condition 10/10.

Reason - Got a QUAD :p

Box not available but bill is available :) .

My last cpuz dump while i had that proccy installed.

thanks cheers ..looking for a fast sell
Even if the pricing is absurd the processor wont cost more than 100-150 bucks less and E7500 just has a multiplier of 11x while E7400 has 10.5x and the added advantage of E7400 is that its a Embedded processor .... --Bump-- looking for a quick sale
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