Corsair Flash Voyager 8 GB

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Corsair Flash Voyager 8 GB ----- Rs. 650/- for Mumbai buyer only.

Purchase date 7th Jan 2009 from Prime ABGB. This has 10 year Corsair warranty.

Cannot provide original invoice as there were multiple purchases on same invoice. Can provide photocopy.

As all must be aware, this is a rubber housing so no question of scratches, etc.

Reason for selling: I have just purchased a Sandisk Cruzer blade.

The reason I will keep the Sandisk and sell the Corsair because the Corsair does not work with my Kodak digital Photoframe though it works very well with all desktops and laptops I have tried.

The Corsair Flash Voyager is definitely much faster than the Sandisk. I personally tested it yesterday and it was 20-30% faster while transferring from pen drive to HDD and other way round too.

You may negotiate reasonably in this thread itself.

For unreasonable negotiation please send a PM to yourself. :)


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Nice Pricing....

I would have picked this up..... but I spent a bomb in Diwali...... :ashamed:

Neway, if this remains here for some more time, I'll be tempted to become a bomber again..... :p

All the best with ur sale.

For unreasonable negotiation please send a PM to yourself.

Hahahahahaha!!! PM to yourself..... hehehe!!! Good one!!! :rofl:
Hey Nehal. Thanks for your help in the N150 thread. Hope you had great Diwali bomb or no bomb.

Hope the sarcasm was not too rude but I didn't want those types messing around. With serious buyers I have no problem with negotiation even in the thread itself.
might look out for the deal after few days (if it remains)

not in condition to buy it now :p

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any chances of shipping ???
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