FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair HX 750 (New/Unopened/Sealed)

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For Sale !
  • Product Name: CORSAIR HX 750 (Sealed/Un-Opened)
  • Expected Price: Rs. 7500/- incl. shipping ( Retail Price Approx. 9300/- )
  • Time of Purchase: Received as RMA Today from Kaizen/Corsair
  • Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, 5 years, 10 months till Feb 2019 ( directly from kazien, bill not required.)
  • Reason for Sale: Upgraded to HX1050 already, did not have patience to wait for the RMA.
  • Purchase Invoice Available: No, but not required for warranty either. RMA note form Kaizen is available, please see attached picture.
  • Product Condition: New / Sealed / Unopened.
  • Product Location: Bhopal, M.P.
  • Preferred Courier: DTDC / Gati
  • Shipping Charges: Free
  • Payment Options: ICICI bank transfer / Cash deposit.

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remaining warranty is also 7 years?

Corsair check the serial number for warranty. I don't know how much less the warranty term might be IF at all. The RMA'ed product generally comes with its own warranty. So it should be another 7 years.
The original unit was bought less than a year ago, so if we go by that then it is for another 6 years at the least or more.
For me they did not even ask for an invoice or a date of purchase.
They just took the serial number and sent the replacement for it.

I have emailed Corsair International with this query.

i never knew bhopal was in mumbai :p
:) I guess they had sent it to Kaizen Mumbai first or something, I dont know.
I am glad the courier guys did get it delivered to me, I guess it was due to the pin code maybe.

Is this particular psu seasonic made?

How do I check without opening it? Serial number I can give you if you are interested?

But as far as I know the HX750 was NEVER made by Seasonic!!
They were made by CWT, but still if you are interested I can give you the serial number to check.

The HX650 was the only ones using Seasonic in the HX series before I don't know about now, haven't checked. The HX750, HX850 and the HX1000 were all made by CWT all along.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you are confused between the HX and the TX series.

Actually there are two hx 750 models, just want to make sure whether it is the new one?
Where did you get that info from? I believe only the TX series and ONLY the HX650 in the HX series that has got an update, as they were earlier Seasonic.
Whereas this one was never Seasonic in the first place, so there is no V2 version of the HX750/HX850 or even the HX1050.

If by the new one you mean the "80% Gold Plus" then Yes it is the new one.
The older one was Silver rated, but they were and are still both made by CWT and not by Seasonic.[DOUBLEPOST=1366702933][/DOUBLEPOST]Confirmed from Corsair:
Remaining warranty is 5 Years and 10 months.
The unit is the newer more efficient CP-XXXX series...Gold 80Plus rated...older ones were Silver Rated.
Both older and this one are made by CWT.[DOUBLEPOST=1366703004][/DOUBLEPOST]
remaining warranty is also 7 years?

Corrected, it is 5 years and 10 months.
Thanks for the heads up :)
To all those who's PM I have not replied,
@rock2702 is first in Queue if he does not make the payment today I shall reply to all other PM's

Thank you.
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Payment received. Thanks.
Will msg you once it is shipped.[DOUBLEPOST=1366988357][/DOUBLEPOST]Shipped.
Details sent to the Buyer.
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