Couple of Headphones, HDMi cable., Webcam.

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Headphones, HDMi cable., Webcam, Nokia accessories !

Selling these items as they were bought since I have a hobby of collecting headphones. All of them will be in 9/10 if not better condition in all aspects.

HDMI cable- High quality , gold plated , 1.3 metres long cable, bought 2 days ago, need a longer cable so letting this go. Bought locally for 450 bucks, local buyers can pick it up for 300. No warranty , will provide 3 dayss testing warranty.

Phillips SHP 1900 headphones- Got them as a freeby with a recently purchased phillips dvd player, Unused. MRP 549- Local buyers can pick it up at 400. Dont know about the warranty since there is no invoice, again , will provide a weeks personal warranty !

Panasonic RP HT030 Headphones- Purchased from chroma , on the 2nd of June 2010, Bill available- Bought for 400, local buyers can pick them up for 250.

Sennheiser HD 418 :- A month old, got as a gift, not used for more than 2 hours. Invoice with 2 years warranty available. Bought for- 2800, local buyers can pick them up for 2000.

Intex night vision special , Laptop Webcam- bought a year back , hardly used for about 5 hours, Bought for 450, local buyers can pick it up for 250 rs. Will provide 3 days testing warranty. The same being sold at chroma for 700.
Testing warranty - If any of the products you buy stop working/develop a fault, I will take them back no questions asked.
Can ship the products if you're ready to pay for shipping.
Please contact if genuinely interested, no moral police required.
Items sold will not be taken back.
First buyer gets an original LIVESTRONG band , bought from Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation, USA as a freeby.
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^^ Where do you put up ?

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Just to let you know that the Panasonic is selling for much lesser online : Cheap Panasonic Headphone RP HT030 sales India | Panasonic Headphone RP HT030 Themes | Panasonic Headphone RP HT030 Accessories review
Thanks dude, I mis-read the invoice, I bough them for 400, asking for 250 now.
And I am from Delhi.

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Buy the sennheiser 418 for 2100 shipped and get the webcam+ livestrong band free !

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Bump, all the way !
Phillips headphones sold to piyush.
Bumf for the reast of the stufff !!!

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Sennheiser 418 + Webcam/HDMi - 2100 only !!
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