CTC query


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I have this query for some time now.
As per my experience my ctc is up to the mark.
But I feel the Basic salary component is somewhat too low given the overall ctc package.

Can it also happen, that a person having a lower package gets higher basic while lower basic for the person with high ctc pay?

Do HRs manipulate with the basic salary component?

Any HRs here who can clear the air?


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what % of ctc is your basic ?

Yes, salary structures can be changed around to have lower in hand components. This is done to save white cash in bank and also lower taxes.
Different people doing same thing can have different basics so yes they may end up with more guaranteed money from salary.


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Companies prefer lower basic pay since PF, Leave Encashment and Gratuity is calculated on basic. So it's in their interest to lower it to the extent possible.

IMO final take home is what matters.