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dont use them
A bunch of stuff from my closet that I no longer use, some are free and others cost just a little bit.

1. Micro USB cables x 2
2. memory card reader - works quite well - SOLD
3. Moto Deck BT Speaker - offers solid quality stereo sound , condition is 4/5 but everything works like a gem
4. USB chargers x 2 -- both original Samsung and Nokia, samsung's output is 10watt and Nokia is 7.5watt SOLD to @scott1391990
5. Motorola 3000 mah portable battery -- not much capacity but its a very useful and very light power bank to carry around
6. Fitbit Alta -- used quite rough but still works well, a few scratches on screen but not a hindrance really, the belt is a little worn out, also the retaining clips on the charger are broken so i just used it with a rubber band to charge
7. PC Microphone - don/t know why I bought it , never used it , brand new
8. Micro USB to Type C adapter x 2 -- bought from USA, very good brand and works awsome - SOLD
9. PC bluetooth dongle -- never could use it as it was not compatible with my PC for some reason
10. Apple original lightning to VGA + lightning extension port dongle -- works very well to connect your ipad/iphone to TV/monitor -- SOLD to @sriharsha_m

1. Free
2. 200
3. 1500
4. 100 each
5. 250
6. 1000
7. 200
8. 150 each
9. 300
10. 500

I would prefer local deals but if you can bear the shipping charges and the risk I can do it from Hyderabad


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@Harpy.eagle are you still interested in the speaker, its a good sounding speaker
Hi, really sorry. Had completely lost track of my post and interest for various reasons. Didn't even do product research as well.

It won't be fair asking you to hold it. Nor it's urgent for me to get Bluetooth speaker. So please go with anyone who intends to buy it.
In the mean time if I decide to buy it, shall let you know.