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May 2, 2018
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dont use them
A bunch of stuff from my closet that I no longer use, some are free and others cost just a little bit.

1. Micro USB cables x 2
2. memory card reader - works quite well - SOLD
3. Moto Deck BT Speaker - offers solid quality stereo sound , condition is 4/5 but everything works like a gem
4. USB chargers x 2 -- both original Samsung and Nokia, samsung's output is 10watt and Nokia is 7.5watt SOLD to @scott1391990
5. Motorola 3000 mah portable battery -- not much capacity but its a very useful and very light power bank to carry around
6. Fitbit Alta -- used quite rough but still works well, a few scratches on screen but not a hindrance really, the belt is a little worn out, also the retaining clips on the charger are broken so i just used it with a rubber band to charge
7. PC Microphone - don/t know why I bought it , never used it , brand new
8. Micro USB to Type C adapter x 2 -- bought from USA, very good brand and works awsome - SOLD
9. PC bluetooth dongle -- never could use it as it was not compatible with my PC for some reason
10. Apple original lightning to VGA + lightning extension port dongle -- works very well to connect your ipad/iphone to TV/monitor -- SOLD to @sriharsha_m

1. Free
2. 200
3. 1500
4. 100 each
5. 250
6. 1000
7. 200
8. 150 each
9. 300
10. 500

I would prefer local deals but if you can bear the shipping charges and the risk I can do it from Hyderabad


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