DDR1 128 MB or 256 MB

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I am looking for a DDR1 RAM chip (366 or 400 MHz). 128 or 256 MB would be fine, but of course it should be in perfect working condition. If anyone has a spare chip lying around, please let me know. Thanks :)
i have a 512mb ddr1 ram
566 [speed]
if u r interested i will post pics

price will be around 800+shipping
i have a 256mb ddr 1 400mhz transcend brand , i am from mumbai too and i have listed this also , if u require then kindly pm me i or give ur contact number i will call u
aasheet said:
dude it is in working condition

i can upload a vid of it working on my frnds comp.

Oops. I did not mean that. I meant that it would not work on MY machine because of its clock speed (566 MHz)
^^DDR-1 566Mhz will most probably work on a system supporting DDR-400 at a reduced speed of 400Mhz....

Btw i have a couple of Hynix DDR-400 and Perx DDR-366 (256Mb sticks) for sale.. PM me ur contact no. if interested, i shall call u in evening after confirming the Brands and speed. (and also warranty if any)

Would be around rs. 300/350 each.
I have 2*256 and 128*1 ddr1 lying around, not sure if they work.

I'll be at lammy tomorrow; if can come there, I'll hand them to u.

You can check them later on your system.
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