*DEAD* XFX 8800GT Alpha dog edition.

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For Sale is a Half-dead/Dead XFX 8800GT alpha dog edtion 512mb DDR3 graphics card. It works but in 2D mode and 640x480 resolution. Its been lying here for about an year now. Cant really say it wud be even half working. Comes with
few accessories which can be seen in the pictures.

Price: Rs 400 shipped/-



will take it....pm account details

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Got account details and payment done..! Waiting for shipping and account payment reflection. :)
Dead card received in Perfect working condition. :D

Are you sure you send the right card ? Running stable even in gaming /call of duty/crysis 2. No error whatsoever...

This is second time this has happened to me..

A 8800Gt with box for 400RS shipped..not bad i should say.

Ratings exchanged ! Happy!! :)

Something to add

Link: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/foru...gts-512mb-g92-alpha-dog-edition-review-3.html

The Double Lifetime Warranty is completely unique in the industry and it offers the best protection on your investment compared to the warranties offered by other companies. Not only does it offer you a lifetime warranty but it also offers a lifetime warranty to the NEXT person to own your card if you choose to sell it. This will usually mean that XFX cards with this warranty will command a price premium when they are sold on EBay or the For Sale areas in forums. This warranty will also not be voided by the installation of an aftermarket heatsink or overclocking. For more about this warranty, please go here: XFX - Support


:D:D:D Got a confirmation from local Rashi Dealer ! It is indeed so and serial no on card is enough. Now only if this stops working as they dont have 8800 in stock i will get a 9800 or 260 preferably !!! Greedy
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