FS: Monitor and LCD Dell 22 inch LCD Monitor

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For Sale !
  • Expected Price: SOLD.
  • Time of Purchase: July 2008. (Approximation.)
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No.
  • Reason for Sale: Selling on behalf of an acquaintance who upgraded to a Dell 24 inch monitor.
  • RMA history: Never serviced.
  • Purchase Invoice Available: No.
  • Product Condition: Check pics.
  • Accessories Included: Power cable & Vga cable. Check pics.
  • Product Location: Chandigarh.
  • Preferred Courier: Not going to ship this. Local pick-up only.
  • Shipping Charges: N.A.
  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer.
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P.s. Monitor does not have a hdmi port. Only dvi, vga. This is a 16:10 ratio monitor. Please do not waste time by low-balling. Interested parties can drop a pm and pick up monitor at their convenience.
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Sold to @sato1986. Extremely pleasant buyer. Would love to deal again. Thanks again to all for viewing and not crapping thread.

Mods please close the thread. :D
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