Dell bluetooth headphone bh200 and incase neoprene Ipad case/sleeve

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for sale :

1)Dell bluetooth headphones model bh200

Brand new sealed got them from dell india today as a goodwill gesture for the delayed shipment of my inspiron. removed them out of the bubble wrap packaging to take pics .

price : 2000 + 150shipped

2)Original Incase neoprene case for apple ipad/sleeve (retails for approx 40$)

original product on incase website here :

price : 1000 shipped

reason for sale :

no use for both items as i already use zagg earphones and sold my ipad yesterday

pics for both items here :

ImageShack Album - 6 images

pm for any questions .
If the headphones work with the ipad/ipone 4 then i will take them. PM me the account details.
well, deal with unrealistic almost done .. if he backs out ur next in line .. and they do work with iphone ipad

but i put a similar earphone for sale on te a few weeks ago . dell had sent that to me earlier cause this one was out of stock ..incase u want that .. its looks exactly like this dell one ..and works well too but its an indian/chinese version worth 2500 bucks ! if intersted ,just quote ur price on them as i am not using them either but they do work very well unlike some cheap chinese earphones
Sorry about that bud, was insanely busy today. The rains really messed up my plans of meeting up with you this evening. I'll definitely swing by tomorrow.
Ok no reply from unrealistic .( Buddy sent u an SMS as well .)

So the Dell earphones are up again for sale . Increasing shipping price by by 50 bucks as I will send this via TNT only as I don't trust dtdc .

Mumbai buyers preferred as I wont have to ship then .

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