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May 20, 2013
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Not using it anymore
Got this as a replacement from Dell after a Vostro of mine had been RMA's 6 times. yes SIX!. Was my Daily driver till 2015; Only portable device till Aug 2017 and then was used as a makeshift NAS/HTPC till the HDMI port stopped working. Has the ability to hold 2HDDs and an mSata drive, an additional HDD drive can be installed in a caddy in place of the Optical Drive.

The Good:

Ample USB ports and storage (if you want). 17" 1080p screen. Never experienced a crash with it.

The BAD:

Battery life is almost 0%. Like you can get maybe 10-20 mins of battery life, but don't count on it. onboard speakers not suitable at all for watching videos, listening to music. One speaker seems damaged. Optical drive hasn't been tested in ages. This is a pretty heavy laptop and closer to a desktop replacement. You're better off probably installing an SSD (Something I did while I used it)


HDMI doesn't work.
The rubber around the bezels is either peeled of or cracked. The body itself has a few cracks. The trackpad has scratches. These are all cosmetic and don't a affect functionality.

The model - https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/del...ecial-edition-laptop/spd/inspiron-17r-se-7720

Has 2x2GB (Total 4GB Ram); 500GB HDD.

I have the box which it came in, but none of the packing material. You get basically the Laptop and the charger.

I cannot ship this on my own. If you want it shipped then please arrange for it and assume responsibility.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hi-res images - A short video of the bootup - https://gfycat.com/soulfulassuredhawaiianmonkseal


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Guys, as mentioned. I can only ship this if you arrange for it. (Shiprocket, Delhivery, etc) Available for the next week in Mumbai. then travelling for a few weeks after that.