DELL S2409W for 12750 shipped and DELL U2410 for 31000/-

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Update : 25/3/2010
There is changes in DELL pricing due to changes in Excise
I cant quote the pricing directly due to increase in Excise and (even VAT may or may not change from NExt month)
if you want proper Quote for DELL LCDs then following things are to be followed
use following Format

LCD MODEL NO :*(Only 22 inches and above)
Contact No:*

Mail me your requirement with above format at :
I will get back to you with Proper Quote within 48 working Hrs time :D

Pricing of ALL LCDs of DELL have Increased ,so dont expect me to deliver similar pricing

For any other details kindly drop me PM
Pardon my ignorance. :D

LCDs will be shipped directly via DELL
Is it shipped from Dell India or Dell USA. If DELL India, then I can think of buying. If DELL USA, then would there be Customs Duty etc.

ALL LCDs will be ordered under name of my company .
How does the warranty work and will you provide proper bill ? If there is a problem, should we contact DELL directly or thru you only ?
I am very much tempted to buy a 24inch LCD. But cant decide between S2409W and G2410. The difference in price is only Rs 1150.

I will be using it for: (all equal usage)
a) Normal office work
b) Watching Movies (avi files, dvd rips, BDrips)
c) Watch Television (I have both internal and External TV Tuner)
d) 3D Graphics, 3D Modeling, Flash 2D animation, Photo editing.

Here are the features of S2409W
a) HDMI, VGA, DVI Input.
b) Lower Price

Here are the features of G2410
a) VGA, DVI Input only
b) Lower power consumption
c) LED Backlighting

Which one will be good for the type of work I will be doing?
Which would you recommend ?
Even Im debating between the two models. The BENQ 24" G2412HD is another model Im debating and all three seem to have their own strengths. Any opinion from other folks ?
S2409W: Build for fast response compared to G2410
G2410: Built for low power consumption, however I can give you amazing Brightness.

If you Room is brighter than you should use G2410.

However most of the specs are same apart from Response times and Brightness.

I think G2410 would be a good Deal for considering long hours of usage. Specially when you are rendering.
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