Diwaili Portable Music offer - Xmini Speakers at unbelievable prices

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Xmini 1.1 @ RS 900 *****FREE SHIPPING

Xmini II @ Rs 1450 *****FREE SHIPPING

Xmini Max @ Rs *****2250 FREE SHIPPING

Links to the manufacturer

X-mini® v1.1

X-mini® II

X-mini® MAX

PM for ordering and other details

OT (sorry) , but in the name of portable music I'm seriously looking to purchase an ipod/iphone dock.. which works both ways. through batteries or lithium and electricity ofcourse. Please find some good offers and do list for us.
I am in for a Max Mini II. Wanted these babies for a long time. Never encountered any good deals as yet. Thanks man ! Sent you a PM, please check
&^$%*@& - I buy two pieces and THEN the price drops.

But they are seriously worth it. I might go for another one if someone in my family needed it.
karan_n8 said:
Has anybody tried these ? Do they they have any bass at all ? :s
And the Xmini max has 2 speakers right ?
I have tried the Xmini Max personally. They are more powerful than the average speakers you get with laptops except with more clarity and bass. When you extend them you can hear the bass which is quite good for the size ....

Yes, the Xmini Max has 2 speakers. You can seperate/join them with the small magnets at the end of each of them so that you can get 2 small speakers or one single uhm... dildo shaped speaker. Also, the magnets are strong enough for you to hang them on metal surfaces but they can fall on higher volumes or with high bass ....
I have been using X-mini Max ( 2 speaker ) for over 1.5yrs now . Bought off ebay long time back .

Karan as far as there bass is concerned , after opening the speakers the vacuum tube expands and provides lil bass note's present in the song . Thats enjoyable @ times . But a lil sad part is that when we expand the speakers and bass comes in , then the speakers tend to vibrate and start moving :p ( yeah actually on high volumes ) . So u might risk them falling down from a high table . to avoid this , i keep them on a spare mouse pad which absorbs the vibartion and keeps the speaker glued at one place .

Overall , even when un-expanded , these speakers sound great simply out of the box . Vocals are amazing , bollywood tracks sound great . Even club house mixes , jazz etc sound amazing . They are actually very loud for there size , and most important they dont loose there clarity even at high volumes . There portability is amazing , i use them while i have my shower , and at nights while sleeping . There battery life is amazing , easily chargeable via USB , once fully charged last for some over 14-15 hours . I put them on before i go to sleep , and till morning they are just playing :p ( I take a sound sleep of min 7-8 hours , so imagine battery life to be great ) .

Its a must buy . Very much recommended by me . Do go for it .

P.S - I guess i bought the mini max for some 1900 bucks , but then that's 1.5yrs back ( and yeah i am talking about the original's )

U 'll even get a soft cloth pouch to carry these speakers , and that's a good useful accessory :)
Thanks alot anubhav :)
Very helpfull ! Though red thinks the sound gets distorted at high volumes but I'll anyways buy it man, and I think I'll buy he Max Mini 2 only considering it should ideally be better than the Xmini 2 :)
It is possible to to use them individually too right ? I was thinking if one is enough I'll keep one for home and give dad one :p
@ karan - there is very slight distortion at the highest volume . i agree with this . but also depends on what ur source is . if its output is really high then , definitely it will crackle a lot at high volumes .

And yes , u get two cables with it , one cable which connects both the speakers at a time , in achain , same is used to charge both the speakers together , also there is a seprate small Mini USB to 3.5mm cable , which allows u to use one speaker independent .

Just go for it , u wont regret it . Dont expect any BOSE like sound effect out of them , but for there price they jo the job well :)

OT- any update on IEM's ?? bought anything new ?? Drop your contact no. in my inbox ,

Or if u a bbm guy add me :- 21E9515C
Also please mention if I can come and collect them from your outlet in nehru place as I want to gift it to my dad on diwali, and im not sure theyll reacjh em by day after if you ship them tomorrow itself.
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