DO: KMD: USA Online Stores at your Doorstep

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Order Anything from any US website and get it in India.

Instructions to Place order:
  • Copy paste the product('s) URL (link) from or and either post it in this thread or send it to me via PM.
  • You will receive a PM from me with the final quote in Indian Rupees
  • The final quote will be all inclusive (including local shipping within US, shipping costs from US to India, customs duty and local taxes).
  • There is absolutely NO obligation to buy once you receive a quote
  • Local shipping in India (i.e. shipping from Mumbai to your location) will be extra. Within mumbai the flat rate of Rs. 80 applies for hand delivery irrespective of Qty. For outside Mumbai the shipping cost will vary depending on the weight, location and the courier service option you choose
  • You have to pay the full amount in advance to place your order.
  • You will receive a PM from me when your order reaches me in Mumbai.
  • Payment Options include:
    1. Cash (only available within Mumbai city limits - for both advance and final payment collection)
    2. Online Bank Transfer into ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, HSBC or SBI
    3. Cash/Cheque deposit in any SBI branch
  • Local Shipping Options available to choose from:
    1. DTDC Air
    2. DTDC Surface
    3. DTDC Plus (Guaranteed Next Business day delivery in Metro Cities & Second Business Day delivery in other cities)

Points to Note:

  • Please don't send links assuming that you will get the items for the same rate (USD converted to INR) as listed on newegg or amazon. Such requests will be ignored without any explanation
  • Not every item is cheaper to import from the US. This service is not targeted as a price war with items that are available locally. The main aim is to get items that are not available or hard to find locally. You can use your own discretion as to what you want to buy and what you don't depending on the quote you receive.
  • Bulky and Heavy Items: All items are shipped from US to India via Air (not sea) hence the shipping costs for bulky and heavy items like Cabinet, Monitors etc will be astronomical, so please think about that before you send me a link to a cabinet or monitor just because it is available at a cheap price in the US.
  • All quotes are final and no low balling will be entertained.

Technical Support:
  • I will not provide any Technical Support for the items you select. Questions like compatibility of the product with your system or suggestion on which would be the best product to buy etc will not be answered by me.
  • Please do you own technical research and you are always welcome to post your queries in this thread and other forum members can answer your queries and/or give you suggestions.
  • It is your responsibility to do the research on what all is included (like accessories or bundles) in your product. You can always shoot an email to amazon or newegg yourself to have those questions answered. I will simply buy from the exact link you provide me.

Warranty Information:
TodPhod warranty: Every product carries US warranty from the manufacturer in US. Please check your respective product's US manufacturer website for warranty terms and conditions. If you need to claim the US warranty I will send your product back to the US and claim the warranty on your behalf and get it back to India. All shipping costs @ actuals need to be borne by the customer at this point. Shipping cost will depend on the weight of the product & will be at a discounted rate. The TODPHOD sticker on your product is a must to avail this service through me.

Mail in Rebates Policy:
I cannot claim mail in rebates in the US. The process to file for mail in rebates is too tedious and designed by manufacturers in such a way that you fail in doing so. It is used by them as a marketing tool keeping in mind that out of 10 only 1 will successfully file for a mail in rebate. Besides you only get your money back after 8 weeks (i.e. if you do) and that is too long of a wait and its very difficult for me to keep track whether the check was received after 8 weeks. In conclusion, mail in rebates are not possible through me.
SidhuPunjab said:
Amazing, just read those terms guys/facts/rules, everything is crystal clear and simple LOL. Good work KMD.

lol...yeah I know its quite extensive....but I get asked some of the very same questions by a lot of I thought its better to have the most commonly asked questions in one place where I can refer them to.
by anything do you mean only computer/electronic stuff or even other things that are sold on
ashr said:
by anything do you mean only computer/electronic stuff or even other things that are sold on

KMD has mentioned anything....

bought a bulky product from him via Amazon.. he is very trustworthy source ...:hap2:
yes i have bought something from him before as well and it was a very good experience indeed.

@kmd, i require some protein supplements which are available on - if products like these are ok i can pm you the link. they're 2 to 5 lbs.
This is a great service. I ordered a camera on the 15th and it reached me yesterday. Really fast. Excellent service and great pricing! :)
SidhuPunjab said:
Amazing, just read those terms guys/facts/rules, everything is crystal clear and simple LOL. Good work KMD.

Yup. It definately is crystal clear. I always have lots of questions and stuff and nearly everything is already confirmed by him in his post.

Cheers! I guess am gonna use this service soon :D
I'll vouch for the fact about fair quotes which do not have obligation to buy. :) I've bugged KMD on a number of times with quotes but ended up buying locally (apologies! :p ). This is an amazing service that KMD provides which helps get the oddest, not-mass-market electronics directly from the US - a service which ALL of us die to have. :D

Kudos! Will mostly bump you when I need my new camera/lenses. :)

I'll add my vote of support here. My order arrived in almost exactly a week, was working right out of the box, and was packed exactly the same as you would get in retail had the product been available in the country. Yes the rate was not the same as dollar rate converted to INR, that's just stupid to expect as you have to add shipping and customs. But it was still cheaper even if I added in the possible cost of one RMA for each item.

It's an excellent service, and I fully recommend it to anyone looking for stuff that's not available in the country.
ashr said:
@kmd, i require some protein supplements which are available on - if products like these are ok i can pm you the link. they're 2 to 5 lbs.

yeah you can order anything you want...its not only limited to computers/electronic items. I have even got branded clothes, shoes, watches etc for people in the past. All you have to do is send me the URL.

Some items are restricted and I will notify you of the same for eg. pressurized cans, air guns, swords etc.

gcbeldar said:

Will PM you the price...but note that its not the IP35 Pro. Take a look at the discussion here:
ABIT IP35P 85.00 AMIR ? is this a ip35-pro lol ?? - Overclockers Forums
i just purchased my ram through kmd, it was excellent service...

btw is there any general price conversion formula to calculate the prices kmd?
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