Do you carry pocket knives? If yes what blade do you carry?

Where do you live? I imagine in most situations drawing out a pocket knife can only make the situation worse and it's not a potent enough weapon to protect you from ruffians.
Yea, pulling out a pocket knife for small altercations is dumb. It's never about knocking your oppoinents down, its about injuring them before you start running for your life.
Depends on the reason.. Who carries pocket knives in India? Atleast in our cities, we have traffic everywhere and there's no safety issue mostly, esp the need to have a pocket knife.
But when travelling in remote areas/adventures, it's very useful.
I suggest pepper spray instead of knives specially for India. You wil not have to worry about metro/security checks and very effective at the same time.
I carry a Leatherman Wingman. Not for self-defense (can't imagine it would be much good for that even if I knew what to do with it), just for general utility.
I got few knives. some CRKTs and a Spyderco. Collected them over years. I went to spyderco factory and couldnt resist buying manix and a bug. the bug lives on my keychain. could call it my EDC :p
Spyderco Bug

CRKT M16-12z


CRKT Provoke

Spyderco Manix2 with black blade.

Oh I forgot, I also have Cutco sentoku chefs knife and misen chefs knife and paring knife. They are my prized possessions.
And my paragliding kit always has a leatherman wingman
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