"Do you have XYZ Credit Card?" Thread

Just leaving it here.
As far as possible, if card is used for friends, ask them to pay to card directly.

Damn! This guy made a business out of it. This kind of desi jugaad or unintended usage is what prompts the banks to devalue card benefits/rewards. Then it is ruined for everyone.
Would be grateful if someone can help with SBI CC. Need to purchase M34 for 15,999-1750=14,249. I believe the deal is for CC EMI so hopefully you should be fine with it.
Need help with SBI CC for buying Laptop, Can anyone check what will be the price after deducting extra taxes https://www.amazon.in/Acer-i5-13420H-Graphics-Display-ANV15-51/dp/B0CHJJZ9G8?th=1
4500 sbi disc